Surgery for a little street cat

I got an hysterical phone call last week from Nofar Dekel, who is a young school teacher who lives in Ekron, near Rechovot.  She does a lot of animal rescue. She sobbed for 20 minutes because  she had found an injured little cat whose x-rays showed a broken pelvis and knee, and had no money to pay for its operation.  I told Nofar to get the cat the surgery and that we would worry about getting the money afterwards.
Here is a video of the cat and another video of his x-ray:
Here are 2 photos of the cat having its operation, which was on Feb. 19th.
After I wrote  to one of the main administrators of the hospital, this is the discount we got:

“Tova Shalom

The cat is OK after surgery

I did a 50% discount in his hospitalization and radiology costs and 40% discount in the surgery cost

The bill is now 2300 NS instead of about 3500

The rest of the bill can be paid in up to ten payments

I hope it helps”

 If anyone would like to donate toward this cat’s surgery bill, either  by calling the Koret Hospital  and paying by credit card, or sending the money to my Paypal account?   It would be great to let me know if you donated, so I can thank you, and also to know how much more money we need to scrape together.  

The # of the hospital is:

011 972 3 968 8588 and the cat’s case # is:  021636204, belonging to Nofar Dekel

My Paypal account can be accessed with my email address.

The cat has been named “Nissim” (“Miracles”), just in time for Purim.  

Purim sameach!  

Thanks for any help………….Tova


2 thoughts on “Surgery for a little street cat

  1. Hi Tova,

    We like to donate Euro 50 (= about 250 shekels) for the little cat Nissim, hope that it helps… Is he better now? We like his name Miracles!

    Yes it was really a miracle the Almighty saving His people from Haman and He shall ALWAYS save His people!

    So Happy Purim!


    Peter and Joke

    Ps. How can we get your paypal account?

    • Hi, Peter and Joke! I’m so sorry that I am just now seeing your reply about Nissim the cat! Blogging is new to me, and I didn’t know I am supposed to check for comments!
      Thank you SO MUCH for your help!!!! My Pay Pal account can be accessed with my email:
      When are you coming to Israel?

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