Video: Nissim 1 week after his surgery

Here is his latest video after surgery…..He is just barely starting to put weight on that wounded leg…

A friend of mine in America gave a large donation to cover the lion’s share of the bill ($400) on the condition that he be reimbursed for at least half of that donation. The hospital is aware of this. Therefore, I am still asking for donations:
One can either:
1. call the hospital and pay by credit card:
Koret Hospital: 03 968 8588
Cat belonging to Nofar Yisrael, ID 021636204, and the file # is 649/13.
2. Donations can be sent to Paypal at

One person gave a donation of 851 shekels ($235), but the accounts staff did not have the name of the person. If you are that person, I’d like to know who you are so I can thank you.

Thanks a million for any help….



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